Our Activities

1. Awareness Programmes

Awareness programmes have been at the heart of Sahiyar’s activities since its inception. We use various mediums to convey our message based on the issue and the nature of the group involved. 

  1. Street plays, awareness songs, garbas (folk dance of Gujarat), poster exhibitions, film shows are some of the mediums used to address a large number of people in the community.
  2. We organise demonstrations, public meetings, rallies, wall paintings, human chains, etc., to attract immediate attention to urgent issues of violence or atrocity.
  3. Students are involved through group discussions, essay-writing events, workshops on current issues and awareness camps.
  4. Our campaigns generate awareness on different kinds of violence against women - rape, custodial rape, sex determination, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and harassment at the work place - and on the various laws for women. We organise and participate in campaigns in Baroda and at the state level to press for amendments in laws that are hostile to women, By this, we hope to trigger change. We actively participate in national campaigns.
  5. We undertake fact-finding missions, survey and research in significant cases of violence against women or violations of human rights. We have conducted research on sex determination and sex-selective abortions, communal violence and its effect on women, women in the informal sector, and problems faced by adolescent girls.
  6. Publication and Documentation: Sahiyar publishes and disseminates leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, newsletters, and training material on issues concerning women. Our library stocks books on women’s issues. These are available in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Books are available for children as well. The library is open to all.
  7. Training, Workshops, Seminars: We hold training programmes, workshops and seminars for NGO workers, government servants (police officers, legal professionals, officials working on development issues), teachers, lawyers, trade unionists and people from various organisations that work with ordinary citizens to sensitize them about gender issues and help them incorporate a gender sensitive attitude in their respective fields.
  8. For different groups, we have had training programmes on gender, patriarchy, history of the women’s movement in India and communalism, songs of the women’s movements, street theatre, women and development, women and violence, and women and the law. As resource persons, we also help other organisations to conduct training programmes on these issues.

2. Supporting women against violence and injustice.


When women face injustice, discrimination and violence in the family, in the society and at the work place, we offer,



We invite all the concern parties to talk and resolve their disputes with mutually acceptable conditions if the complainant woman wishes so. If the woman wants to register a police complaint or file a court case we provide guidance and support for that.


During these years we have dealt with complaints regarding domestic violence, physical and mental torture by husband and in-laws, dowry demands and dowry death, maintenance for wife, children and old mother, custody of children and recovery of ‘Streedhan’, harassment and violence from parental family, cases of rape and sexual harassment, Sexual harassment at work place, property right for women etc. 

3. Work with adolescent girls

Adolescent girls face various problems during the transitional period because they have little understanding of the physical and emotional changes occurring in their bodies and minds. Social and familial restrictions and lack of space to discuss their dilemmas increase their problems. This time is also crucial for career building and future development.

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4. Youth Group- “Manthan : Youth For Change”

This is a recent initiative by Sahiyar. A youth group which believes that change will not come by itself, rather, we will have to bring the change. Change is needed among relationship between:

5. Mahila Mandal


Poor and lower middle class women come together for saving activities. They also discuss problems they face as women in every day life. We organise discussions on current issues, film screenings and other cultural activities during these meetings.

We provide information on various government schemes, and the availability of training, education and employment opportunities in private or government institutions. We encourage women who aspire to make a difference in their lives, to gain independence through education. 

6. Women's Leadership for Peace and Justice

We work in the eastern parts of Vadodara, where the major slum areas are located. Women in this vicinity come from different communities and with Sahiyar, spread the message of equality and communal harmony. These women train with us to assume leadership roles. They call themselves “Buland Awaz” (Women For Peace and Justice) and actively spread awareness and empower other women in their neighbourhood.

7. Working Women's Hostel

Working Women’s Hostel: A safe space for women and Girls in Vadodara

‘Sangini’ a sister organisation of Sahiyar (Stree Sangathan) is providing Hostel facility for working women and girls enrolled in professional courses in Vadodara. It is a safe residence in the middle of the city near Nyaymandir. The objective is to provide safe place to women and girls to stay and pursue their career for self development. The total strength is 25 inmates. Along with safe residence activities for personality development, counselling and information about better career options .and social awareness are conducted for the Hostel inmates.

For admission and other details contact

Address : Matrushri Gangaba Vyavasaini Gruh, Next to faculty of Performing Arts, Opp. Sursagar Lake, Near Nyay Mandir, Vadodara. Phone : 0265-2417092. Email : sangini2010@gmail.com